White House Names GreenGov Award Winners

The White House named the winners of the 2011 GreenGov Presidential Awards that honor federal, civilian and military personnel, agency teams, projects, facilities and programs that exemplify President Obama’s push toward a clean energy economy.

Winners were honored in six categories:

  • The Good Neighbor Award was given to the Department of the Interior’s Grand Canyon Green Team that helped neighboring rural communities to responsibly dispose of electronic and hazardous waste in the Grand Canyon National Park and surrounding areas.
  • The Building the Future Award was given to the San Diego Naval Base and the Department of State’s Office of Facilities Management. The base incorporated new ideas and equipment in its operations to reduce waste and pollutants across its facility to save $834,000 annually thanks to its energy, water and renewable energy projects. The State Department was honored for its renovation of Building 84, an 8,000 square foot building at the Charleston, South Carolina Regional Center.
  • The Green Dream Team Award was given to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Federal Green Challenge. The team created a collaborative, interagency support program to help 52 Federal agencies at more than 90 locations meet sustainability goals and targets.
  • The Green Innovation Award was given to the Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Lab for designing a net-zero energy data center that creates as much energy as it consumes by using the climate as a natural coolant, capturing waste heat to ventilate in the cooler months, and employing advanced equipment to minimize energy usage.
  • The Lean, Clean and Green Award was given to NASA and the Department of Veterans Affairs for their continued excellence in fleet energy efficiency in renewable energy development and deployment.
  • The Sustainability Hero Award was given to the DoD’s Shannon Cunniff who spearheaded DoD efforts to address management of emerging contaminants with the ultimate goal of eliminating chemical and material hazards from DoD.

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