White House: ‘We believe in using and contributing back to open source software’


The White House has launched a resource page for developers that provides an accessible gateway to data and code assets freely-available for the public to re-purpose as it sees fit.

The page, located at, features White House open data and open source contributions, including its “We the People” online petition platform and Drupal modules used by


“We believe in using and contributing back to open source software as a way of making it easier for the government to share data, improve tools and services, and return value to taxpayers,” the White House states on the page.

Official data feeds include blog updates, the White House schedule and photo and video feeds.

“We’re making government data freely available in machine-readable formats so that innovators and entrepreneurs can turn them into new products, services, and jobs,” said the White House.

The White House Digital Government Strategy calls for all federal agencies to establish /developers pages to make it easy for developers to access coding resources, including “high-value content” through open data and application programming interfaces.

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