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Military OneSource (Source:

Military OneSource (Source:

The Department of Defense has revamped the Military OneSource website that provides service members and their families with information on military life.

“We took this opportunity to look at industry best practices, to look at social media capabilities and to investigate making a mobile platform,” Zona Lewis, military community outreach online and resource operations manager, told the Pentagon Channel and American Forces Press Service. “People are accessing information on their phones and iPads today. They’re not waiting until they get home or back to the office to get that information on a computer.”

The revamp, Lewis said, comes at the direction of President Obama, who sought an overall reduction of government websites, prompting DOD officials to have Military OneSource absorb MilitaryHomefront.

“We looked for commonalities to merge the sites,” Lewis explained. “Though MilitaryHomefront had a service and family member component, it was … geared toward leadership and service providers [seeking] family programs, policy and reports.”