Acting Commerce secretary brings innovation message to Silicon Valley

Acting Secretary of Commerce Rebecca Blank was in Silicon Valley Wednesday as part of a three-day innovation tour around the country.

Blank spoke on a panel discussion at San Jose State University on driving innovation to create jobs where she noted some of the 22 ways the department is trying to support and foster innovation throughout the country.

Said Blank:

This past winter, our [US Patent and Trademark] Alexandria office had a special exhibit on the ground floor – 30 giant iPhones lined up side-by-side.  Each one featured one of the many patents that Steve Jobs received. As Steve said, “The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do.”

Today, those entrepreneurs, those innovators, and those dreamers – all of you – are the reason I’m so proud to say that the Commerce Department will soon put one of its first four satellite patent offices right here in Silicon Valley.

Today, thousands of inventors here and across the country continue to help lay the foundation for America’s long-term growth and leadership.  The entrepreneurial spirit continues to thrive here in Silicon Valley. With your help, we have seen 28 straight months of private sector job growth – totaling 4.4 million jobs.


Silicon Valley will be the home of one of the planned four new satellite offices for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to help local businesses innovate quicker and grow faster.

On Thursday, Blank will visit Denver, another newly-announced patent office location, to host another series of conversations with local businesses and officials about improving and continuing American innovation.

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