Army Releases Common Operating Environment Implementation Plan

The U.S. Army released its Common Operating Environment Implementation Plan in an effort to modernize equipment and weapons around a common set of information technology standards.

The COE aims to reduce the development timeline,
 lower development cost and shorten the time required to integrate and
 certify systems.

“The Army COE Implementation Plan is based on the Guidance for ‘End State’
 Army Enterprise Network Architecture developed by the Army’s Chief
 Information Officer (CIO) G6. The document contains approved technologies,
products and standards. The G6 vision is grounded in the idea that
 technologies and programs can transition to this common computing 
environment, making it easier to leverage commercial innovation and
 synchronize emerging technologies with existing systems,” said ASA (ALT) Office of the Chief Systems Engineer Director Terry Edwards.

He continued, “Transitioning to the COE in accordance with the Implementation Plan 
represents a significant cultural shift in the way the Army will acquire and 
develop systems. The Plan is designed to tell industry upfront and 
with certainty the parameters within which Army applications and
 foundational software must fit. The plan is to establish an Ecosystem for 
each of the CE’s so that developers have access to architectures, 
foundational products, SDK’s and certification environments required for


Full report:

ASA(ALT) Common Operating Environment Implementation Plan Core

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