Greg Garcia

Federal Leadership of the Year

Greg Garcia held two roles this fall, carrying on his deputy CIO duties and filling in as acting CIO after the retirement of Lt. Gen. Bruce Crawford. The Army was central in launching the DOD’s Commercial Virtual Remote environment, the military’s teleworking platform. The largest service and department in the military, the Army needed to launch fast and furious to keep its operation running and employees working remotely. “In the global pandemic, in a world of contested and congestion near-peer adversaries, in a world of significant digital, technical and transformation change, our people were stellar,” he said. “They were safe, they were focused, they took care of their families, and they took care of our nation.” Garcia looks forward to 2021 and the Army’s work transitioning “from piloting many of these critical digital capabilities to scaling and accelerating key cloud, data and mission capabilities. We are continuing to partner within our Army, across the department, and more broadly, with our critical allies and partners.”

Amrita Datar

Written by Amrita Datar

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