James Yeager

Industry Leadership of the Year

Cybersecurity has proven to be more critical than ever for federal agencies during the COVID-19 pandemic. CrowdStrike realized that importance early on in the crisis. “In order to succeed in this journey in a way that allows [our customers] to out-innovate our adversaries, it is imperative that security is part of their strategic fabric,” said James Yeager, CrowdStrike’s vice president of public sector and health care. “Our customers will need our help now more than ever and we are well positioned to help them every step of the way.” Yeager said he is most proud of two things in 2020: His team’s support of health care organizations during the pandemic and its efforts with federal, state and local agencies to secure the presidential election. “Both are clear demonstrations of our compassion for the challenges impacting our customers and the overarching impact these events can have on our country,” he said.

Amrita Datar

Written by Amrita Datar

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