James Yeager

VP of Public Sector & Health Care, Crowdstrike

Transparency is key to being a great leader, James Yeager, vice president of public sector and healthcare for Crowdstrike, told FedScoop. “I think some of the most critical qualities a leader can have is to always remain mission-focused, stay committed and passionate to whatever your ultimate end goal is, and partner with people that share your vigor for the mission and who inspire you daily,” he said. “One of the key ways to ensure you are aligned with your team and your internal partners is to operate with transparency. Open communication should never be marginalized or sacrificed.” As he dedicates his work to helping public sector agencies modernize their cybersecurity, he has learned “you can never stop learning, evolving and growing,” Yeager said. “Stagnation ultimately leads to failure. This is especially true in cybersecurity as the landscape around us is constantly shifting and the adversary is continually modifying their strategies and tactics. We must always stay one step ahead of them in order to protect our customers.”

Amrita Datar

Written by Amrita Datar

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