Kavita Sanghvi

For Kavita Sanghvi, the past year has taught her that “change is inevitable; embrace it with a smile.” Specifically, during the pandemic, this has meant to be more open in communication and engaging with your partners, she told FedScoop. “Collaborate and partner at all levels — it works wonders. It starts with listening to each other with an open mind and engaging upwards, downwards, sideways and all around.” Despite the challenges of the pandemic and the new operating models that have come with it, Sanghvi continues to lead the same as she always has: “As leaders and individuals, I believe we should always continue to invest in your people, engage and collaborate continuously, treat everyone with respect, be flexible and empathetic, and above all, do all this with honesty and transparency. I plan to continue to lead in this fashion and encourage all to do the same. Be your true self every day at work and at home.”

Amrita Datar

Written by Amrita Datar

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