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To Juliane Gallina, there is a universal truth about work that people often forget: “Work is a product, not a place.” That thinking, she said, will guide her view of leadership as the future of work evolves into a hybrid between in-person and remote work. “In our work at the agency, our team will continue to focus on the quality of our work, and the outcomes we achieve together,” Gallina said. “Our technical strategy should support that way of thinking, and the enterprise tools we give to the agency workforce should enhance the quality of their work and allow our officers to accomplish mission at any time and any place in the world.” This is all part of the “journey of continuous learning and self-reflection” that is leadership, she said — a journey that she continues on each and every day. “I’m a work in progress, but I hope I can emulate great leaders who know how to lead and unite people who have a completely different origin story than my own.” On top of this, Gallina said she placed an even greater emphasis on cybersecurity with the CIA, creating a Deputy CIO for Cybersecurity and Operations role. “Cyber adversaries are jerks. My devotion to this agency has awakened a ‘mama bear-like’ feeling that I want to defend it from the cyber threats we face,” she said.

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