Marcus Moffett

Senior Director of System Engineering, Architecture & CTO of U.S. Public Sector, Cisco

Prior to the pandemic, Marcus Moffett learned an important lesson from a business partner that proved valuable while leading through the adversity of the past year. “Get the people part right and the rest works itself out,” he told FedScoop. “This may sound like a duh moment, but unfortunately, many leaders put strategy and execution at the top of their list because they believe successful outcomes make them look good. Success, to me, is creating an environment where every single person on the team knows they are valued and in turn, brings their best to the workplace every day.” On top of this, leadership and growth take “friction,” he said. “Resistance to change is first and foremost a leadership issue. As leaders, we must get comfortable injecting a little chaos into the culture to test resiliency and adaptability.”

Amrita Datar

Written by Amrita Datar

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