CIA updates agency museum web site

The CIA launched an enhanced and redesigned online gallery to highlight the agency’s museum and its collection.

The online exhibit shares how some technologies developed for CIA ultimately benefited the public.
For example, battery-technology advances led to new and efficient means to power medical devices and consumer goods—like pacemakers and digital cameras—and technology developed to help analyze satellite imagery now aids radiologists in comparing digital x-ray images for the detection of breast cancer, the agency said.

“Our virtual museum encourages visitors to explore in their own way information and artifacts—some recently declassified, and we designed it with a variety of users in mind,” said CIA Museum Director Toni Hiley.

The CIA said the site aims to use trends trends in contemporary museum web design, the museum site has something for “skimmers” who want to look for basic information and facts quickly.  “Swimmers” who want additional information can access more history, artifacts, descriptions, and photographs. For “divers” who want even more detail, the site provides links to other articles and material on

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