CIO Council Launches Technology Fellows Program

The federal Chief Information Officers Council officially launched the Technology Fellows Program aimed at decreasing barriers for talented technology professionals to work for the government and creating a pipeline of talent to fuel government technology.

The program will allow for recent graduates of top graduate programs with experience in areas like information technology, computer science and information technology policy to apply for two-year fellowships. If selected, the fellows will have the opportunity to participate in rotational assignments, gaining experience in large and complex IT programs.

The Technology Fellows program was one of the reforms items mentioned in the 25 Point Plan to Reform Federal IT Management.

“The Technology Fellows Program helps to break down some of the bureaucratic barriers that slow hiring and presents young people with a prestigious option when coming out of their respective graduate programs,” said U.S. Chief Information Officer Steven VanRoekel announcing the program. “Once inside the Federal Government, the Tech Fellows will be given the challenge of working with the projects and complex systems that are only available when working in Federal IT. In my opinion, this is the competitive advantage that the Federal Government holds against the private sector.”


He continued, “In no other organization in the world can an individual work on information-gathering systems sent into space, the protection of our warfighters and homeland through cybersecurity, or unlocking health data that could benefit millions of Americans. Federal IT touches every single policy area and issue in our country. If you have a passion for solving complex problems and know that IT can be a part of any solution, the Technology Fellows Program will be a great opportunity.”

The program will be part of the President Management Fellows Program that has been placing post-graduate talent in executive agencies since 1977.

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