DOD moves more email accounts to cloud

More than 12,000 email accounts have been migrated to the DOD Enterprise Email, the Defense Information Systems Agency’s private, cloud-based email system.

The Office of the Secretary of Defense and United States Southern Command were among the newest to join the already 1.4 million users of DEE.

“Our primary focus is to provide a reliable and accessible service for our mission partners, regardless of their geographic location or agency affiliation,” Paul Crumbliss, DEE program manager, said in an Oct. 23 statement.

Last month, DOD Chief Information Officer Teri Takai directed all DOD components to develop a DEE implementation within 120 days; the email service has a capacity to support 4.5 million users. She also designated DEE as an enterprise service.


Army Maj. Gen Alan R. Lynn,
 vice director
 at DISA, confirmed that eventually all DOD users would migrate to the system.

“Every time you move to a new duty station, you have to get on their email system,” Lynn told FedScoop. “It’s not a global system. Every component has their own. We have a worldwide capability, and it will be a substantial savings to move the entire department to an enterprise email system.”

According to a release by DISA, the email service eliminates costs associated with redundant email infrastructures. Lynn did not know exactly how much money DOD was expecting to save by migrating all personnel to DEE.

Dan Verton contributed to this story.

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