DOD outlines $9 billion in energy investment savings

The Department of Defense released a report Wednesday that outlines the department’s planned energy savings for the 2013 federal fiscal year and beyond.

The report, “Energy Investments for Military Operations: for Fiscal Year 2013,” highlights $1.6 billion in planned savings for FY13 and $9 billion in planned savings over the next five years.

“The innovative approach the Defense Department is taking to achieving greater operational efficiency and boosting combat effectiveness is exactly in line with our new defense strategy,” Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said. “These investments in new energy technologies, more than 90 percent of which are for energy efficiency or energy performance upgrades, will enable our forces to operate longer and at greater distance while enhancing our energy security at home and, in many cases, reducing costs.”

For the report, Sharon Burke, assistant secretary of defense for operational energy plans and programs and her team examined the Defense Department budget to see how well energy investment matched these three elements.


“Our first priority with these investments is to improve combat capabilities for our warfighters,” Burke said. “From tactical solar technologies to reduce the need to transport and protect fuel in combat to more efficient aircraft, ship, and combat vehicle engines that let our forces fly, sail, and drive further, the Defense Department is tackling energy use to improve military capability.”

Energy Investments for Military Operations: for Fiscal Year 2013

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