Justice Department procures AI-boosted transcription and translation services for lawyers

Veritone won a two-year indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity contract to provide its aiWARE Government platform to the DOJ.
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The Department of Justice and 94 U.S. attorneys’ offices can access artificial intelligence-enabled audio and video transcription and translation services through a contract announced Tuesday.

Veritone won the two-year indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity contract for its aiWARE Government platform, which federal lawyers can use to speed up the time-intensive discovery process.

The tech company is now DOJ’s sole provider for such services.

“In our pursuit to help transform government operations through AI-enabled solutions that provide actionable intelligence and tools that save cost, resources and time, this contract represents a major milestone and opportunity for Veritone,” said Jon Gacek, head of government, legal and compliance, in the announcement.


DOJ and individual offices may order aiWARE services under the contract through the department’s eDiscovery portal, helping case teams analyze information irrespective of data type or language.

The announcement comes eight days after aiWARE Government received a Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program extension. FedRAMP authorizes and continuously monitors the security of cloud service provider offerings governmentwide.

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