DOT Seeking Feedback on DTE

The Department of Transportation is holding an online discussion on The Digital Transportation Exchange from now until September 23 to help shape how the DTE will work, DOT CIO Nitin Pradham said in a blog post.

The DTE is a Web 2.0 community that would connect citizens, businesses, state and local governments, industry, entrepreneurs, researchers and investors though a public private partnership, “creating a thriving online marketplace for the agile creation of transportation solutions.”

From Pradham:

Imagine what could happen when non-traditional technology entrepreneurs, startups, venture capitalists, and the private industry are focused on creating quality digital, multi-modal transportation solutions! Participants could form networks to identify gaps, problems, and solutions through the DTE–and teams with the right expertise could form around them.

Imagine the innovative solutions we could create to manage congestion, freight transport, connected vehicle systems, and 911 responders by encouraging and leveraging private sector investment and expertise in an open, public setting. DTE could provide this setting and enable all stakeholders to contribute to creative projects.

Imagine the strides we could make towards an idea showcase when all stakeholders can communicate efficiently with each other, as needed, allowing local transportation providers and consumers to search for, understand, and improve their transport options. DTE could allow unprecedented communication between stakeholders, government agencies and business interests.


Anyone interested in DTE is welcome to attend a DOT Stakeholder Meeting on September 16 from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at DOT Headquarters. RSVP to

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