FCC Opens Doors to New Technology Experience Center


Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski this morning officially opened the agency’s Technology Experience Center that provides FCC employees a place to try out the latest in consumer technologies.

The center, housed in the library at FCC headquarters, shows off different innovations using broadband technologies, Genachowski said, with a different area (education, healthcare, etc.) being a focal point each month.


“Nothing can be compared to the experience of a person being able to explore these technologies by themselves and see all their capabilities,” Genachowski said. “The employees can then take that experience back to their desk and apply it to the jobs they do.”

Industry partners will donate the technology to the center which is expected to receive new innovations on a weekly basis. The FCC also has a place on its web site for industry partners – both large and small – to learn how to donate to the center.

Following the opening of the center, a number of private sector employees showed off the latest in consumer technology like xBox Connect, 3-D television, a bevy of smartphones and more.


Kevin Gage, Chief Technology Officer of the National Association of Broadcasters:


“The National Association of Broadcasters congratulates the FCC for opening this creative center to showcase communications tools. We welcome the opportunity to highlight the role that radio and TV stations will be playing in the digital communications network of tomorrow.”

Michael Powell, President & CEO of the National Cable and Telecommunications Association:

“As the cable industry continues to invest in next generation networks and services that will meet consumers’ fast-moving technology needs, we are reminded almost daily that the pace of innovation is unyielding. That is why the FCC’s Technology Experience Center is an important initiative that will aid FCC staff in better understanding the remarkable technological innovation occurring today.  We commend Chairman Genachowski and other members of the Commission for their efforts to create the Center and to provide staff, and the public, with first-hand experiences of new communications products and services.”

Gary Shapiro, President & CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association:

“CEA commends the FCC for showcasing innovation and ensuring that FCC staff have an opportunity for important hands-on access to a broad array of cutting edge technologies and services.”


David Diggs, Vice President of Wireless Internet Development at CTIA-The Wireless Association:

“The ability to access the mobile Internet anywhere anytime is vital for all Americans. In order to meet the increasing consumer demand for wireless broadband, such as to improve healthcare, education, energy and transportation, the U.S. wireless industry must have more spectrum as soon as possible. On behalf of our members, we appreciate the FCC’s continued efforts to secure this much needed finite resource so we can continue to fuel the virtuous cycle of innovation throughout the wireless ecosystem. The Technology Experience Center will play an important role to help consumers and policymakers understand spectrum’s vital role.”

Parul P. Desai, Telecommunications Policy Counsel for Consumers Union:

“The center offers a great way for employees and guests to get first-hand experience with new technologies and see how these devices will perform and ultimately serve consumers.  It’s also a great way to provide lawmakers with the practical tools needed to adopt policies that will further the interest of consumers.”



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