FCC Releases GIS Datasets


The Federal Communications Commission released additional formats of “high-need data” to make it easier to use for individual analysis, the agency said.

The agency is releasing data on potentially eligible areas for the Mobility Fund Phase I of the Connect America Fund that has previously only been available as files for use with spreadsheet and data base software as well as an interactive map.

“To answer that call, we have packaged the data in three ways for you to use, making the data more accessible to everyone,” said FCC Geographic Information Officer Michael Byrne. “Now, in addition to the published map, the data behind the map is open for analysis by geographers, developers and analysts alike. We choose three of the most accessible data formats for geography to publish: shapfile, WMS, and Mapping Tiles. These formats are either industry standards, are established open standards or are extraordinarily fast approaches to analyzing and displaying the data.”

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