FCC Unveils Cyber Tool for Small Businesses

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski unveiled a new online tool today aimed at helping small businesses create a customized planning guide to protect themselves from cybersecurity threats.

The Small Biz Cyber Planner is free and will be available soon.

Genachowski announced the tool along with the Department of Homeland Security at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce as part of national Cyber Security Awareness Month.

At the event, Symantec and the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) announced the results of a new survey, finding only 52% of small businesses have a cybersecurity plan or strategy.


Small businesses that don’t take protective measures are particularly vulnerable targets for cybercriminals. With larger companies increasing their protections, small businesses are now the low hanging fruit for cyber criminals.

“A recent study found that American small businesses lose billions annually to cyber attacks,” Genachowski said. “The cost of each individual cyber attack to small and medium sized businesses averages about $200,000. Contrast that with the Connected Nation study that projects $200,000 in increased annual revenue, and you see that failure to take cybersecurity seriously can potentially negate the benefits of being online.”

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