Federal digital services governance recommendations released

The federal government published governance recommendations on Thursday that aim to help agencies best implement the “three layers” of digital services outlined in the Digital Government Strategy released in May by U.S. Chief Technology Officer Todd Park and Chief Information Officer Steven VanRoekel.

The report further defines each layer — information, platform, presentation — and includes a six-step process to help agencies meet a November 23 milestone that calls for each to create governance policies for developing and delivering digital services to citizens.

Deliverables on the milestone relate to agencies establishing “specific, measurable goals” for “delivering better services at a lower cost,” as well as agency-wide policies on content life cycle management, adoption of third-party online tools, mobile application delivery, infrastructure/information sharing and data management and inventory.

The recommended six-step process includes:

  • Step 1: Gather a Core Team
  • Step 2: Assess What You Have
  • Step 3: Determine What You Want
  • Step 4: Build or Validate Your Governance Structure
  • Step 5: Share, Review, and Upgrade
  • Step 6: Establish and Implement

The report was produced by the Digital Services Advisory Group, Federal Chief Information Officers Council and the Federal Web Managers Council.

Digital Services Governance Recommendations: Supporting Implementation of Digital Services Governance Struc…

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