FedMentor: Chuck McGann

Chuck McGann, chief information security officer, Office of the CIO, U.S. Postal Service, shares career advice in this FedMentors interview for FedScoopTV.


My first government job was in local law enforcement. I was a patrolman of a small town in central Massachusetts called the Brimfield Massachusetts Police Department. What I learned from that job was that you have to be able to read people; you have to be able to deal with people. Some of the things you learn on that job is that not everything is as it seems to be. What people may say is their issue is not necessarily their issue, so what you start to learn is to dig into the information you’re presented. Now that was first, and then I went on to be the Postal Service CISO and I came into Postal as an IT manager. I had a background in IT and I’ve always worked a couple of jobs at the same time – I was in local law enforcement and information technology. I came to the Postal Service, thinking, from the private sector to the public sector, I’m going to work with the best of the best. That wasn’t really the case – they were good, but some of the best people I’ve worked with were in the private sector. But as we’ve grown in the federal space, working in the postal space, we’ve grown better.

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