FedMentor: Hemanth Setty

Hemanth Setty, chief technology officer, Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, shares career advice in this FedMentors interview for FedScoopTV.


I’ve been in the federal for the past 17 years, which includes 14 years as a contractor. For the past three years, I’ve been with the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board as a chief technology officer. Keep in mind, as CTO, we’ve been working on some cutting-edge technologies at the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board. What I have gained in the federal is working with my peers and understanding leadership qualities and working with some great, amazing people who are committed to the country. Moreover, I take pride in working for the federal because that gives me the drive and energy to give something back to the country. Of course, the first thing I would say is passion: You should love what you do. When you’re working for the federal, you’re doing some public service, and you should be committed to that.

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