Feds release government-wide ‘bring your own device’ toolkit

The federal government released the first iteration of its “Bring Your Own Device” toolkit that gives agency guidance on how to best empower employees to leverage their own personal devices to better serve citizens “anywhere, anytime” while still adhering to established security and records requirements.

The BYOD kit, developed jointly by the Digital Services Advisory Group and Federal Chief Information Officers Council, includes sample policies as well as best practice case studies from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the state of Delaware.

The 43-page document is part of a directive included in the Digital Government Strategy released by U.S. Chief Technology Officer Todd Park and Chief Information Officer Steven VanRoekel in May.

“By exploring options to increase the mobility of government workers, the Administration can save taxpayer dollars and improve its service to the American people,” said Brook Colangelo, chief information officer, Executive Office of the President, announcing the toolkit. “The key takeaway of our efforts is that while BYOD may not be right for every agency, it can, given the right environment, succeed in a secure and records-managed way.’


Colangelo said future work on the BYOD strategy will address employee reimbursement, security, privacy and legal issues.

A Toolkit to Support Federal Agencies Implementing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Programs

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