Former HHS CIO Jose Arrieta takes up new private sector role

Jose Arrieta has joined Dalrada Financial Corporation as chief strategy officer.
Jose Arrieta, HHS
Jose Arrieta delivers a keynote Oct. 10, 2018, at the African Development Bank Group’s Global Public Procurement Conference in Washington D.C. (Global Public Procurement Conference / <a href=" ">YouTube</a>)

Former Department of Health and Human Services CIO Jose Arrieta has joined Dalrada Financial Corporation as chief strategy officer.

In addition to the new appointment, he takes up the role of president of Dalrada’s subsidiary Dalrada Technologies.

Arrieta was CIO and chief data officer of HHS between May 2019 and September 2020, and previously held technology leadership roles at other federal agencies including the departments of Treasury and Homeland Security.

While at HHS he led the strategy and technology investments of the agency’s $6.3 billion technology portfolio, including during the COVID-19 pandemic. He was responsible for the launch of the HHS Protect, which facilitated the collection of more than 200 data sets from every state and territory, 6,146 hospitals, commercial and public health labs and 80% of private hospital labs.


Since leaving the federal government, Arrieta has led his own company, imagineeer, which provides development services for data ownership and digital twinning technology, including in the Metaverse.

He takes on the new post in addition to his current role as a member of the board and an adviser for Dalrada Energy Services.

Commenting on the appointment, Arrieta said: “I’m looking forward to contributing to the company’s efforts to disrupt existing business models utilizing technologies and strategies that support business growth and improve efficiencies.”

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