Government shutdown: The numbers

Few conversations within the borders of the District have recently focused on anything but the government shutdown. As Washington enters day three of the impasse, FedScoop adds up the numbers:

Photo: Architect of the Capitol Flickr. Photo: Architect of the Capitol Flickr.

17 years since the last government shutdown


21 days until the government re-opened in 1996

2.1 million federal workers in total

800,000 furloughed workers

2013_10_rockyM Rocky Mountain National Park, just one of the many parks closed during the shutdown. Photo: Interior Department Flickr

1.4 military service members still active and getting paid during the shutdown

400 national parks will close

97 percent of NASA employees furloughed

6 astronauts in space at the space station

1.4 billion in taxpayer dollars lost from the 1996 shutdown


$1.7 billion lost GDP per week, according to an IHS, Inc. report. The report assumes average compensation (salary and benefits) are on average $110,000.

Photo: White House Flickr. Photo: White House Flickr.


3,000 Federal Aviation Administration safety inspectors furloughed


3.6 million veterans who might not receive benefits because of the shutdown

$12.5 million per hour is the cost if the government shutdown continues, adding up to $1.6 billion per week, according to IHS.

44 percent of Americans approve of the job President Barack Obama is doing

15 staffers in the White House out of 90 total who will stay on the job in the residence

535 members of Congress


0 solutions.

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