Tech companies to rescue troubled site

More than a week after the Obama administration announced its “tech surge” to fix the ailing site, more details have emerged about who exactly has been tapped to serve.

Julie Bataille, director of communications at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, said these individuals come from leading tech companies, including Red Hat, Oracle and Google.

Bataille highlights two key players in the so-called “tech surge”: Greg Gershman and Michael Dickerson.

Gershman, a former presidential innovation fellow, will be working specifically on making the website more agile. He’ll be working with CGI to optimize site performance and help the development process release its improvements more rapidly, Bataille said.


Dickerson will be working with the general contractor, QSSI, to improve’s performance and reliability. As a site reliability engineer with Google, he has extensive experience working with all aspects of websites to improve usability.

Bataille said in addition to Gershman and Dickerson, there are dozens of developers, designers, software engineers and analysts who are “methodically working around the clock on performance and functionality of”

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