How collaboration platforms improve agency access to data and AI algorithm sharing

To meet a key requirement of the Data Strategy 2021 Action Plan, digital data marketplaces are one way to facilitate collaboration around AI algorithms, says new report.
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(source: Equinix)

Agency leaders need to begin to look at the tools and capabilities required to meet the White House’s Federal Data Strategy 2021 Action Plan. Among the strategy’s various action items, that includes a requirement to make agency AI use cases and tools publicly available for agency use.

artificial intelligence

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The challenge for agencies, however, is that while they may want to share their data and algorithms effectively, some organizations are still hampered by data siloes.

According to a recent white paper, produced by Equinix, that’s where digital data marketplaces (DDM) can help.

“[DDMs] allow data providers and data consumers to share, buy or sell data and algorithms privately and securely (and without violating any government regulations),” according to the report. And its role is to facilitate interactions between data suppliers and algorithm developers in an environment that allows stakeholders to “explore, select and agree to create, execute and complete data science transactions.”

The report overviews several use cases at federal agencies that show the various ways the marketplace can effectively facilitate greater data and algorithm sharing, such as with Homeland Security, Health and Human Services, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and Housing and Urban Development.

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