HUD Launches Open Data Web Tool for Grants


The Department of Housing and Urban Development launched a new web tool on Monday that features contact information and proposal details for the highest-scoring applicants on the agency’s flagship community development initiatives, HUD Director of Innovation and Open Government Stan Buch said.

The site,, leverages the Department of Education’s technical platform The goal is to boost public and private partnership, along with philanthropic support for the most promising plans for turning the nation’s distressed communities into viable neighborhoods.

“ will initially feature Choice Neighborhoods Planning and Implementation grantees, as well as the highest-scoring runners up from each competition,” Buch wrote on the agency blog. “The web feature is intended to provide information funders and other local stakeholders can use to find and support applications that HUD deemed promising, but was unable to fund as well as grantees eager to attract additional resources to their transformation plans. It will also offer communities greater access to work happening around the country and best-practice models that might help shape their efforts.  Over time, will grow as more grant programs take advantage of this capability.”

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