Is the White House Getting WiFi?

The Defense Information Systems Agency put out a request for information on FedBizOps on Wednesday saying the White House Communications Agency, which falls under DISA management, is looking for a White House campus Wi-Fi network to service 60 buildings, along with a half mile of three roads next to the White House and several outdoor areas.

From the RFI:

WHCA seeks to install a single Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) solution capable of providing both commercial internet and DoD NIPRNET under one Campus Wireless Management System. This solution should allow the government to consolidate both services within the same access points utilizing separate SSIDs. The campus wireless solution would allow PCI mobile end users to operate in locations that support unified communications capabilities in an untethered environment. The wireless infrastructure should allow a PCI customer to move from one wireless access point/bubble to another seamlessly, without session loss or the need to login to the new access point.

According to the RFI, the White House campus network should support access to Department of Defense unclassified networks and the commercial Internet. Both services should be transmitted from the same access points using separate service set identifiers.

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