McAfee’s Charles Ross on cybersecurity

Charles Ross, senior vice president and general manager, network security, McAfee, discusses cybersecurity in this interview with FedScoopTV.


So I think the biggest cyber threat facing the government today is really the idea of how to use the scarce resources that you had. We’re in an era where we have to limit our budgets, limit our spending; it means we’re cutting back, trying to figure out how to reduce security spending when we in fact, really need to understand how do we get more out of the dollars we’re spending. I think the biggest challenge we’re facing is really justifying and understanding the value of where the investments are going, prioritizing where the biggest investments are needed and then looking forward and saying, how do I grow my organization? and understanding I may not always have the best resources to do it with. In that context, it’s really about how do I make my dollar go further and get more security out of that dollar I spend?

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