Meet FedScoop’s New COO Greg Poersch


As the new chief operating officer at FedScoop, Greg Poersch sees FedScoop as the most strategic and innovative media company currently making an impact in Washington.


Q: What was it about FedScoop and federal IT that made you want to join the company?

FedScoop has grown tremendously over the past few years, not only in its reputation but in the ways it reaches out to readers and attendees. I’m very pleased to be returning to the government IT community and becoming the newest member of the FedScoop team.

Technology is at the center of making government more efficient, accessible and effective. I’m looking forward to working with our government and industry partners to continue to help them communicate, collaborate and find news ways to fix current issues.

Q: Tell us about your role and background in Federal IT


In the early days of the dot-com boom, I worked with Defense News and Space News where I learned about the federal market and I was fortunate to learn from some of the best reporters and managers about what it takes to cover an industry in this market. I then spent time with Digex, a Maryland dot-com success story, a managed hosting company that grew rapidly. From there I joined AeA as the Potomac region’s executive director and then became the acting COO and vice president of business development. At the time AeA was the largest technology trade association in the United States with 2,300 corporate members representing 1.8 million employees.

Q: Where were you most recently?

I was leading development for a Washington, DC based professional healthcare association. It was the Association for Professionals in Infection Control. At APIC, I oversaw the leadership of strategic partnerships, grants, trade shows, educational products, and projects. The field of healthcare and infection control in particular has become synonymous with innovation. What is so interesting is that leaders such as Todd Park, who came from the Department of Health & Human Services, and who is now the federal chief technology officer, have proven that IT can really be the pivot point to solving some of our biggest challenges in healthcare. Working with APIC and infection preventionists was an inspiring experience.


Q: What do you see in the future for FedScoop?

In the past I worked with Goldy and we were a great team. I am excited to be working together again. She has done an outstanding job of positioning FedScoop as a leader in the federal IT media market As you know, FedScoop currently gathers top leaders from government, academia and the tech industry to discuss ways technology is effecting government. We also engage the community and our readers with our sites, FedScoop.TV, FedScoop Radio and FedMentors as well as producing The Daily Scoop, a daily newsletter that goes to over 20,000 of the top leaders in the federal IT community. There is an enormous amount of enthusiasm and excitement for what we do in the market so we plan to continue this path and grow our events, our readership and imprint on the media market.  We want to achieve that success by continuing to be innovative in our own right, by providing new ways for our community to collaborate, and by providing our reader’s new ways to attain information.

A little more about Greg

His first position following graduation from Niagara University was with the New York State Assembly. He now lives in Bethesda with his wife and three children and enjoys coaching.

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