The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is looking for a chief financial officer. The position pays between $119,554 and $179,700 per year and is open for applications until June 4.

From the posting:

The incumbent serves as the CFO/CAO for OAR and is the principal senior executive responsible for direction and management of OAR administrative, management, and financial functions, including coordination and standardization across OAR’s organizational elements. This includes the direction, management, and oversight responsibility for the following:

  • Directs financial, budget, and administrative support functions.  Oversees OAR’s financial management activities and an integrated accounting and financial management system including financial reporting and internal controls. Responsible for all matters relating to OAR budget planning, formulation, presentation, execution, reporting and financial management systems development and operation.  Oversees the development of annual budget submissions to NOAA, DOC, and Congress ensuring that the submissions are consistent with the goals in the OAR strategic plan and coordinates budget formulation results with the NOAA/DOC strategic plans.  Incumbent supports the strategic planning process by defining the financial resources needed and likely to be available in the near and long-term.  Ensures compliance with applicable accounting standards and principles and financial information and system functional standards.
  • Oversees negotiations for resolution of Inspector General, General Accounting Office and Office of Management and Budget investigations, audits, and reports.
  • Insures diversity in OAR workforce at all levels, including managing diversity initiatives, as well as equal employment opportunity and investigation/resolution of complaints of discrimination.
  • Directs development of OAR-wide human resources management policies and programs including compensation, performance management, training, awards programs, and succession planning.  Oversees the integration of human resources programs with legislative or regulatory change initiatives.  Ensures that OAR human resources programs are technically sound and cost-effective.
  • Manages comprehensive planning, acquisition and integration of administrative ADP systems, including hardware, software, local and wide-area networks, telecommunications, internet accessibility and computer security.  Oversees system design and development, ensures population of data bases with up-to-date and accurate data.
  • Oversees OAR’s procurement and grants, building management as well as environmental compliance, logistics, facilities, records and directives, and other logistical and support functions.
  • Ensures OAR-wide management of constituent communications, outreach policies, and activities.
  • Formulates OAR policy relating to controlled correspondence, administrative/management activities and workforce management programs.

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