OPM wants small business support for cybersecurity

The winning contractor will maintain a suite of 20-plus security tools in addition to providing personnel.
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The Office of Personnel Management’s chief information security officer seeks a single small business to support monitoring of cybersecurity operations, servers and applications.

OPM expects the winning contractor to provide round-the-clock project management, assessors, information system security officers (ISSOs), technical writers, security engineers, and security operations support for one year — with the option of four, one-year extensions.

The vendor will also support OPM’s cybersecurity program by helping maintain its portfolio of cyber tools.

“The contractor will administer a large suite of enterprise-grade security products which are used to protect the client’s network systems and sensitive data,” reads the performance work statement. “The contractor will work closely with a team of fellow security engineers to ensure that the federal client’s 20-plus security products continue to function efficiently and effectively to protect the client’s network.”


A professional project manager is preferred for overseeing information technology projects, and the vendor should also have assessors to handle compliance audits and risk assessments of network configurations.

ISSOs will assist with security testing; technical writers with IT policy; security engineers with penetration testing and investigations; and security operations support with monitoring, alerts and remediation in the event of breaches.

The contract period begins one week after the award, which will be decided based upon the business’ technical approach, past performance and pricing — in that order.

Having revised its pricing worksheet for applicants, OPM extended the due date for submissions to 9 a.m. Eastern on Jan. 14.

Dave Nyczepir

Written by Dave Nyczepir

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