OPM, OMB Announce New Appraisal System for SES Members

The Office of Personnel Management, in partnership with the Office of Management and Budget, announced the design and issuance of a new Senior Executive Service performance appraisal system.

The new system aims to provide a consistent and uniform framework for agencies to communicate expectations and evaluate the performance of SES members, namely those in executive leadership positions, OPM Director John Berry and Federal Chief Performance Officer Jeff Zients said.

“In addition to promoting greater consistency, the new system will promote greater clarity, transferability, and equity in the development of performance standards, the delivery of feedback, the derivation of ratings, and the link to compensation. The new system will also provide the necessary flexibility and capability for appropriate customization to better meet the needs of all agencies and other Federal organizations (e.g., offices of Inspectors General),” the memo says.

Agencies will be able to adopt the system as their current ones expire, or sooner, if they so wish.


To support agency implementation of the new SES appraisal system, OPM is currently coordinating additional interagency workgroups to develop strategies and solutions for implementation, communication and training, as well as to improve the SES performance appraisal system certification process.

OPM staff will soon schedule meetings with agency executive resources staff to share products and tools developed by these additional interagency workgroups, and to provide guidance and support on implementation of the new system.

SES Appraisal System Description 12 20 11 Version

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