Obama makes three major personnel announcements

President Obama made three major personnel announcements on Monday.

Sylvia Mathews Burwell will be nominated to lead the Office of Management and Budget; MIT physics professor Ernest Moniz will be nominated to lead the Department of Energy; and veteran Environmental Protection Agency executive Gina McCarthy will be nominated to head EPA.

Burwell previously served as OMB’s deputy director in the Clinton administration and was the chief of staff to former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin. She most recently has led the Walmart Foundation as its president. Burwell also previously served as president of the Gates Foundation’s Global Development Program.


“As the granddaughter of Greek immigrants, she also understands that our goal when we put together a budget is not just to make the numbers add up,” Obama said Monday during an announcement ceremony at the White House. “Our goal is also to re-ignite the true engine of economic growth in this country, and that is a strong and growing middle class – to offer ladders of opportunity for anybody willing to climb them.”

Moniz served as under secretary of Energy in the Clinton administration and has since lead MIT’s Energy Initiative.

Prior to her confirmation, McCarthy served as the commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection.

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