NASA officially posts CIO job opening

NASA is now accepting applications for its upcoming chief information officer opening.

The job, posted at on Feb. 1, is open for applications until March 4. Salary is between $175,000 and $179,700 per year.

The person selected will replace Linda Cureton, who announced last week she will retire effective April 1 following a 34-year career in federal government. In an interview with FedScoop, Cureton said she plans to take a job in the private sector, but remain in the federal technology community.

NASA said that they plan to have a replacement for Cureton in place by April 1.


From the posting:

The NASA Chief Information Officer (CIO) is responsible for providing vision, leadership and advice in the development of information resource management (IRM) strategies; for ensuring the establishment of cost effective policies, programs and frameworks that develop and implement IRM and information technology (IT) programs and initiatives in areas supporting agency priorities; and for ensuring that agency IRM, IT, and IT security activities are conducted in accordance with strategic, program/project management, and capital planning and investment processes aligned and integrated with agency priorities.

Specifically, the incumbent: 

Develops and implements plans that include the organization’s goals, objectives, metrics, and actions needed to execute the strategic goals and outcomes in the NASA Strategic Plan. Defines IT program objectives and top-level requirements and monitors program performance, as well as effectiveness and efficiency of IT programs and processes.

Develops and implements Agency-wide strategies, policies, programs, and processes for the management of IT investments and services. 

Develops, maintains, and facilitates the implementation of the NASA Enterprise Architecture (EA), which is the framework for ensuring IT investments enable the mission and are integrated, efficient, and secure. Manages the risks of the IT plans and investments for NASA through an IT investment management process that is integrated with Agency processes for making budgetary, financial, and program management decisions for all NASA IT.

Leads and implements NASA’s IT Security program, ensuring appropriate confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all NASA’s information assets throughout the system lifecycle. 

Manages NASA’s IT systems as a joint responsibility with the NASA Centers, Mission Directorates, and all other Headquarters Offices.

The Centers, Mission Directorates, and Headquarters Offices have responsibility for the applications, while the CIO has overarching responsibility for ensuring alignment of those applications with entire agency and for all aspects of the IT infrastructure in which those applications reside.

Directs, manages, and provides policy guidance and oversight of the Agency’s Center Chief Information Officers’ (CIOs) activities, and operations. 

Provides for effective governance of IT through chartered boards with appropriate stakeholder representation. Ensures statutory, regulatory, and fiduciary compliance in the acquisition and implementation of IT. Provides oversight for all Agency E-Government initiatives. Oversees IT-related reporting as required by Congress, the Office of Management and Budget, and other external bodies.

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