QinetiQ-NA Launches Social Media Security Software

QinetiQ North America announced government availability of its software designed to detect highly targeted social engineering attack, the company announced today.

QinetiQ North America’s Social Engineering Protection ApplianceTM (SEPA) helps protect government employees from falling victim to these attacks through the use of Email Intent Analysis, real-time URL and link analysis as well as high value target protection. The technology was developed by QinetiQ North America subsidiary Cyveillance.

“With the popularity of social media and today’s open government initiatives, there is more access to information about government leaders and agencies than ever before, making it easier for criminals and malicious organizations to develop targeted attacks,” said David Papas, Vice President, Cyber Security Business of QinetiQ North America. “SEPA provides government organizations with the critical intelligence and analysis necessary to identify socially engineered attacks, protect individuals’ data and ensure the safety of critical information.”

David Stegon

Written by David Stegon

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