ResponsiveGov: GSA Redesigns App Store


The General Services Administration redesigned the mobile app galleries on both and

The new design uses adjustable layouts which allow users to access apps and mobile sites via their preferred smartphone, tablet or operating system.


The design also presents content based on device, presenting device-specific apps for Blackberry, Android, iPhone, and iPad users.

All users can browse mobile sites, regardless of the device from which they are accessing the gallery.
GSA is one of the first federal agency to build in responsive design and customize content based on user device.

The redesign is part of the federal government’s ongoing effort to make information more accessible to all Americans. Government information, services, and apps such as USAJOBS app, BMI Calculator, IRS2Go app and more, are all available to users with mobile devices.

The new responsive design strictly adheres to Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, which ensures access to government information for people with disabilities. The apps galleries were developed on a REST API, so they can be leveraged by other agencies.

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