White House to demand accountability from agencies over customer experience EO

"We’re going to measure it at a granular level," an OMB official said.
White House, Office of Management and Budget, West Wing, Press Briefing
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The Biden administration will require federal agencies to use transparent metrics to report their progress in complying with a new executive order on customer experience.

The executive order, expected Monday afternoon, is intended to fundamentally reshape how citizens interact with government services. The White House wants to monitor agencies closely, said Jason Miller deputy director for management at the Office of Management and Budget.

“On the accountability component of this…a key part of the ongoing process of this is that we are going to measure customer experience. We’re going to measure it at a granular level, including designing and delivering these services from a user perspective,” Miller said Monday during a press briefing in advance of the new mandate.

He added: “We’re going to report on that performance, and those high impact service providers are going to be required to have annual improvement plans. Those will have leadership visibility, and ownership of, on an ongoing basis.”


President Biden planned to meet with federal agency leaders Monday as he signed the executive order, which is expected to include 36 specific customer experience improvement commitments across 17 federal agencies.

A list of 35 government agencies that make up high impact service providers was previously established by OMB circular no. A-11 (2020). These are departments that function as especially significant touchpoints for citizens.

“There is accountability at each of the high impact service providers to drive improved performance over time,” Miller added.

The president wants federal agencies to commit to placing citizens’ user experience at the center of everything they do. Departments should take actions such as testing out new online tools and technologies to provide a “simple, seamless and secure customer experience,” the White House said.

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