GSA launches eBuy mobile site

Colby Hochmuth
Colby Hochmuth

ebuy GSA's eBuy mobile site allows small businesses and customers to monitor new bidding opportunities on the go.

The General Services Administration is promoting small-business growth with eBuy, its new mobile site released this week.

Interested parties can now access the eBuy website right from their mobile device and get text message alerts for new products and services. Business owners and customers now have the ability to buy, sell and monitor activities on the go.

According to the GSA Blog, this tool will be especially useful for small-business owners who may not have the resources or staff to constantly be monitoring the eBuy website for business opportunities. Users can also sign up for a service that will send them text message alerts when a bidding opportunity comes up.

“By providing automated mobile alerts and real-time updates on bidding opportunities, small businesses are able to do more with less and compete more effectively,” Angela Brees, Heartland Region public affairs officer, wrote in the blog post.

The idea for the mobile app came from GSA’s Heartland Region Office of Small Business Utilization in Kansas City, Mo., who submitted the idea to GSA after conducting research with small-business owners. GSA approved the idea for development, and from there went to make it functional.

The eBuy site connects business owners with government buying opportunities. In 2012, about $8.34 billion of products and services were processed through the eBuy website. It also provides federal, state and local governments with selling opportunities, and the chance to get more competitive pricing.

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