Army looking for new login and ICAM solution

The Army needs an 'enterprise-scalable login service' for its regular and National Guard and reserve components.

The Army is looking for a new way to securely log in its users, especially members of the National Guard or Army Reserve that need to check systems for announcements.

The Army posted a new request for information that outlines its desires for a “enterprise-scalable login service” that can serve to both ensure only those with the proper credentials can access Army systems and user are not needlessly locked out of information.

“The Guard and Reserve in particular, as well as other irregular users of Army systems need a secure and user friendly means to authenticate to required Army resources, regardless of hosting location or service provider, and without need to use government furnished equipment, or government managed network access,” the RFI states.

The RFI notes the system will need to work with both on-premises or in the commercial cloud systems. The Army recently announced plans for further reductions in its data centers and on-premise processing nodes in favor of more cloud migration.


The log in service is a part of a broad Department of Defense-wide push for modernized Identity, Credentialing and Access Management (ICAM) tools. The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) announced it developed an enterprise ICAM tool, but the Army appears to be on the hunt for its own.

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