Mike Daniels

Vice President, Global Public Sector, Google Cloud

Mike Daniels left Salesforce for Google in 2019, bringing more than 25 years of experience assisting agencies with their digital transformations. “Your job is to bring energy and vision to the workplace every day and breathe that into your team to create the environment that leads them to deliver exceptional performance,” Daniels said. “At its core, it’s about passion for your mission, empathy for your customers and a genuine investment in your team.” Empathy, in particular, leads to breakthroughs benefiting the public, Daniels has found. He further advises aspiring leaders not to take themselves too seriously, but that doesn’t mean don’t have a plan. “You need to have a very clear vision of where you are taking the organization and what it means for your employees and your customers,” Daniels said.

Amrita Datar

Written by Amrita Datar

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