Neelam Sandhu

Neelam Sandhu believes effective leaders all share similar core characteristics: “The ability to lead with their head and heart; being a role model; being fair to everyone; self-awareness; and listening and communication,” she told FedScoop. On self-awareness, she said, “Good leaders know their strengths, have the humility to say what they don’t know, and aren’t afraid to hire for their weaknesses.” As SVP for sustainability and chief elite customer success officer with BlackBerry, Sandhu uses these characteristics every day to inspire her team to serve the federal government, making her customers’ priorities her team’s priorities. And in serving the federal market, she has learned that perseverance is key. “The federal government has a critical mission and a complex structure, which requires a long-term commitment whether you are working in or with the agencies,” Sandhu said. “If you are inspired by the mission, perseverance is a powerful force to deliver results.”

Amrita Datar

Written by Amrita Datar

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