DC’s Top Women in Tech


In light of National Women’s History Month, FedScoop is highlighting the vibrant, talented and forward-thinking women who shape the conversation on technology in D.C. These 50 women are movers and shakers, all with diverse backgrounds, representing government, Congress, the commercial sector, defense and academia. What they all have in common is their passion for using tech as a force multiplier to push government and industry to the next level by leveraging and improving information technology services in unprecedented ways.

Our selection process took various forms: We did Twitter campaigns, asking for suggestions on extraordinary women in the technology field. We also received recommendations from the community, and conducted our own research. In addition, we asked the women themselves whom they would recommend for this honor. And thus, the list was born and then completed over several months.

We know by limiting our list to 50, we are going to miss other terrific women in the field and we commend those who may not have been selected this year. The list of these 50 women is in no particular order, without any rankings. These 50 innovators, every one unique in her own way, all deserve to be considered #1 — there are no runners-up here.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10




Susie Adams 2 Alissa Johnson 3
Anne Altman 2 Kay Kapoor
Virginia Arreguin 4 Gwynne Kostin 4
Kristen Baldwin 10 Mischel Kwon 9
Sondra Barbour 7 Dawn Leaf 10
Beth Beck 1 Zoe Lofgren 1
Stacie Boyd 9 Letitia Long 2
Teresa Carlson
1 Lynn Martin 4
Micheline Casey 2 Beth Noveck 6
Audrey Chen 5 Michele Weslander Quaid 1
Casey Coleman 7 Maria Roat 8
Bridget Coyne 3 Jennifer Sanchez 3
Marilyn Crouther 5 Lisa Schlosser 6
Kaitlin Devine 8 Phyllis Schneck 10
Deborah Diaz 4 Roberta “Bobbie” Stempfley 3
Donna Dodson
9 Kimberly Stevenson 9
Cristin Dorgelo 1 Anthea Watson Strong 6
Amy Edwards 5 Teri Takai 3
Sandy England
8 Lena Trudeau 10
Anna Eshoo 8 Davita Vance-Cooks 6
Janet Gentry 6 Haley Van Dyck 9
DeEtte Gray 2 Jill Vaughan 5
Lakshmi Grama 7 Kimberley Williams 10
Margie Graves
7 Lovisa Williams
Jennifer Gray 7 Denise Wofford 5

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