Federal Register Launches API

The official site of the Federal Register has launched an API to make it easier for developers to build new ways of interacting with site data.

About the API:

  • It comes pre-processed; the data provided is a combination of data from the GPO MODS (metadata) files and the GPO bulkdata files and has gone through our cleanup procedures.
  • We’re using JSON as a lighter-weight, more web-friendly data transfer format
  • No API keys are needed; all you need is an HTTP client or browser.
  • The API is fully RESTful; URLs are provided to navigate to the full details or to the next page of results (HATEOAS).
  • A simple JSONP interface is also possible; simply add a `callback=foo` CGI parameter to the end of any URL to have the results be ready for cross-domain JavaScript consumption

The site also announced it will be maintaining an API client ruby gem for Ruby Developers. More details can be found on the developers page.

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