GPO, Federal Register honored for using PKI

The Government Printing Office of the National Archives’ Office of the Federal Register have been honored by the Four Bridges Forum for their use of public key infrastructure technologies for authenticating electronic submissions of the Federal Register.

The two agencies jointly received a Business Value Award from the Four Bridges Forum, a coalition between major federal agencies, the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, aerospace and defense contractors and colleges and universities to facilitate trusted electronic business transactions.

GPO and OFR use PKI certificates and digital signatures to assure that the content electronically submitted and filed by federal agencies for publication in the Federal Register is authentic.

By utilizing PKI technology, GPO and OFR have reduced costs, eliminated paper use, and decreased the turnaround time for the submitting and publishing content in the Federal Register.


“PKI is an example of how GPO uses state of the art technologies to best serve our customers and the public in an official, digital, and secure way,” said Acting Public Printer Davita Vance-Cooks.

“GPO has a longstanding partnership with the OFR in making the Federal Register available to the public. Our deployment of PKI technology improves the efficiency of producing this important document and assures the public that the digital Federal Register is official and authentic,” she said.

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