GSA Seeks Feedback on Wireless Contract

The General Services Administration Federal Acquisition Service is seeking feedback on a draft statement of work it released last week on a government-wide acquisition contract for wireless service plans and devices.

The agency will hold an industry day this Thursday in Arlington (2200 Crystal Dr, Room L1301).

From GSA:


The government is pursuing a government-wide wireless contract vehicle to support unified acquisition of wireless service plans and associated devices. The purpose of the program is to generate acquisition savings, improve management information, improve operational efficiency/savings, and develop a government-wide wireless center of excellence to accelerate the identification, distribution, and implementation of wireless technology best practices.


The purpose of this requirement is to provide the procurement vehicle for a centralized government-wide cellular devices and services program that will meet the majority of the federal government’s wireless service needs that are offered by the cellular industry. The primary program components and benefits are:

A. Unified Acquisition – Government-wide contract vehicle that is able to leverage volume of multiple agencies to lower cost, standardize purchasing of services/ devices, and reduce management costs. B. Inventory and Account Information – Access to information and the receipt of reports and services that enable agencies to more efficiently manage their inventory and cellular spending. C. Center of Excellence – Monitoring new industry developments, identification of wireless/cellular best practices, and promotion of these “best practices.”

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