GSA’s TTS is being restructured into two ‘pillars’ of effort

The Centers of Excellence, 18F and the Presidential Innovation Fellows will be under one umbrella, while the Office of Products and Programs (and other assorted digital products) will fall under another.
Anil Cheriyan, GSA, TTS, Technology Transformation Service
Anil Cheriyan speaks March 28, 2019, at the IT Modernization Summit presented by FedScoop. (FedScoop)

The General Services Administration’s Technology Transformation Service is reorganizing itself to be more “client-focused,” Director Anil Cheriyan tells FedScoop.

The four existing offices and programs of the tech-focused group will be sorted into two “pillars,” Cheriyan says: “clients and markets,” which will include 18F, the Centers of Excellence and the Presidential Innovation Fellows program; and “solutions and products,” which will house the Office of Products and Programs as well as other digital tools like and that are currently under 18F.

Each umbrella group will be led by an assistant commissioner — “clients and markets” will be led by Harry Lee and “solutions and products” by Dominic Sale.

Cheriyan says the restructuring is about organizing TTS in a way that makes sense for its mission. “We’re trying to become much more client-focused, much more agency-focused,” Cheriyan told FedScoop. GSA launched TTS in 2016, near the end of the Obama administration, to help other agencies launch digital products and services.


Bringing groups like 18F and the CoEs together won’t hinder their autonomy — “it’s not as though everyone will become one big team,” Cheriyan told FedScoop. Instead, “bringing it all together” and connecting the dots on work done across these various teams will create a much more “collaborative environment” and ultimately, he argued, a bigger impact.

TTS itself has been reorganized within the GSA org chart — it was initially launched as a standalone service but then moved under the Federal Acquisition Service in June 2017.

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