HUD CIO Gives Inside Look at Agency TechStats

Department of Housing & Urban Development Deputy CIO Chris Niedermayer says the agency has held more than 40 TechStat sessions, using them in concert with the department’s Information Technology Management (ITM) Framework.

Niedermayer outlined the agency’s approach to these TechStat sessions in a blog post.

“Integrating TechStats with our ITM Framework reinforces our efforts to institutionalize rigor, discipline, and maturity into the IT project planning and management life cycle,” Niedermayer wrote. “TechStats are most effective if they are integrated into comprehensive performance management frameworks.”

He said the key criteria used each week includes:

  •  Staffing: naming the individuals who are responsible for performing the work in the work breakdown structure (WBS) is an excellent way of determining if the correct skill sets are supporting a project.
  • Project Management Plan: A good plan helps everyone understand if we are on track and when we’re done. Tasks in the plan need to be at a level of detail that brings clarity to the work that has to be performed and how each task relates to others in the plan.
  • Risk Register: Maintenance of a comprehensive risk register is indispensable for anticipating problems and taking proactive steps to avoid them.
  • Change Management: Transparent management of the changes that almost every project team confronts is required to keep stakeholders informed and dedicated to success

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